Aesthetic treatments


Signature Facial

Reveal your healthiest-looking complexion with an LED light treatment and cellular renewal mask enriched with botanicals to exfoliate and visually improve the appearance of skin tone and texture for a radiant glow. The mask is tailored to your specific skincare needs.


Circadia™ Firming Peptide Facial

Renew and revitalize the skin with potent anti-aging peptides, powerful antioxidants, stem cells and botanicals. Infuse the skin with intelligent ingredients that will stimulate new cell growth, repair and rejuvenate all skin types leaving a firm luminous glow.


Circadia™ Marshmallow Whip Hydrating Facial

Maximize hydration with a complex blend of hydrating peptides and botanicals to infuse critical hydration in the skin, resulting in overall health and hydration.


Circadia™ Caviar Lime & Passionfruit Facial

Unveil a radiant glow with this complex ingredient profile. Lime Pearl Caviar technology provides exfoliation to gently rejuvenate the skin and enhance with a burst of antioxidant support resulting in a polished glow.


Circadia™ Snow Algae & Spirulina Cooling Facial

Instantly cool and soothe irritated compromised skin with the unique ingredients of Snow Algae which is known to repair the effects of time, and Spirulina which is high in nutrients to reduce inflammation while repairing and rejuvenating the skin.


Circadia™ Chocolate and Champagne Facial

Indulge your senses with the aroma of sweet chocolate as the natural antioxidants and nourishing elements of raw cocoa powder add protection and boost healing for any skin type. The gentle exfoliation of natural papaya and pineapple enzymes will effectively polish and prepare the skin for the revitalizing Oxygen treatment. Relax as the effervescence of pure oxygen boosts circulation, stimulates cell turnover and leaves the complexion hydrated and revitalized.


Circadia™ Triple Berry Brightening Facial

Brighten and rejuvenate the skin with exotic Riberry, Muntries and Pepper berries from Australia. Packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, these super-berries are designed to provide instant brightening and hydration to dry, dehydrated, lackluster skin.


Circadia™ Clarifying Facial

Enjoy the stimulating effects of this corrective facial. This treatment is designed to effectively remove the keratin buildup to reduce bacteria and acne lesions. Finish with an anti-inflammatory green tea mask that will deliver powerful healing antioxidants while simultaneously nourishing and hydrating the skin. The skin will be left feeling invigorated and clear.


Circadia™ Peptide C Antiaging Facial

Renew and revitalize the skin with potent anti-aging peptides, powerful antioxidants, stem cells, and botanicals. The powerful enzyme is going to infuse the skin with multiple forms of vitamin C to brighten, tighten and exfoliate. The intelligent ingredients of the Firming Peptide paired with Vitamin A will stimulate new cell growth, repair and rejuvenate all skin types leaving a firm luminous glow.


Gentleman's Facial

Using the power of peptides, stem cells and exfoliators, this treatment effectively addresses the skin care concerns of men. Invigorate the skin with an effective exfoliation, extractions, powerful anti-aging ingredients and a hydrating mask. This treatment will revitalize, refresh and improve the health and appearance of men’s skin


Lunchtime Peels

Lactic Acid

Circadia™ lactic acid peels are gentle, safe and well-tolerated by most skin types. Lactic acid lessens the appearance of hyperpigmentation and is also hydrating. There is no social downtime and very little to no physical peeling.


The peel is a combination of lactic acid and salicylic acid. These peels gently leave the skin soft, more even-toned and luminous.


More robust peel


Specifically developed for pigmentation issues. Effective for brightening pigmentation associated with acne, melisma and photodamaged skin. This peel has about 5 days of social downtime.


Thermal treatments

LED Red Light Therapy Facial 

LED Facial technology gently delivers precise dosages of energy to the skin to stimulate and repair collagen in the dermis (top layer of skin).  It is based on the science of stimulating collagen production, naturally filling and erasing fine lines and wrinkles.
Red-light therapy is non-invasive, gentle care that leaves the surrounding tissues unharmed.  Light therapy signals the body to naturally convert light energy into cell energy without causing discomfort or damaging layers of the skin.  This approach to skin renewal relies on high powered coherent light to create heat energy.
The thermal heat activity generated by probes enhances blood circulation and helps to deliver nutrients and cellular growth factors to the treated areas.  Red infrared light stimulates collagen production to promote natural skin cell growth and reduce wrinkles.  These favorable cellulars and metabolic effects can also reduce inflammation, and leave your skin soft, smoother refreshed and healthy.


TempSure Envi ™:

TempSure Envi delivers radiofrequency technology to gently heat the skin in the dermis stimulating collagen production without disrupting the top layer of skin. Increasing the skin’s temperature will trigger a natural response for your skin to create new collagen fibers that are tight, dense and neatly organized giving you tighter, younger-looking skin. We offer this treatment as a series of 4.



Ultrasonic Liposuction:

Ultrasonic liposuction is a type of fat loss procedure that liquefies fat cells. This is done with the guidance of an ultrasound combined with ultrasonic waves to target fat cells. Benefits:

  • More precise removal of fat

  • Dissolves stubborn fibrous fat, or “fat rolls”

  • Increased skin contraction