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Diana E. Hampton, MD

Ophthalmologist located in Oklahoma City, OK

Dr. Diana Hampton and her staff offer routine eye exams to residents who live in the greater Oklahoma City, Oklahoma area. She practices comprehensive ophthalmology, offers many preventative screenings, and enjoys primary care for the eyes.

Routine Eye Exam Q&A

When should a person see an Ophthalmologist?

A person should visit their ophthalmologist at least once a year to receive a comprehensive eye examination. A yearly eye exam can help identify changes in vision as well as potential health problems that could eventually begin to affect vision and the patient's overall health. A person should also see their ophthalmologist if they experience sudden changes in vision, eye pain, or redness and swelling in or near the eye. Any time a person experiences an injury that affects the eye, an ophthalmologist should immediately be seen to ensure there is no permanent damage. It is also important to notify the ophthalmologist of any dramatic changes in a person's physical health.

Why does a person need to see the Eye Doctor once a year?

Much like with a person's annual physical, the eyes can experience dramatic changes from year to year that should be closely monitored. An eye exam can uncover potential health problems within the eye that could eventually affect a person's vision. Discovering these conditions in their earliest stages allows for the most effective treatment options and will ensure the person has the best possible chances for recovery. Conditions like glaucoma and cataracts can progress rather quickly. Immediate treatment can prevent the majority of the damage as well as restore at least part of a person's vision. The key is always to catch the health condition before it becomes too severe to treat effectively.

When should a person not wear Contact Lenses?

Individuals who wear contact lessons do so because of the freedom they allow. There are times, however, when wearing contact lenses may not be the best idea. Don't wear contact lenses if swimming is on the agenda. The chlorine can be absorbed by the contacts causing extreme eye irritation. If a person works around hazardous chemicals, it is important to wear regular safety glasses. If the contacts are being worn in this type of environment, it is extremely important for safety goggles to be worn that protect the eyes from all angles. This ensures that no chemicals will be able to splash and enter the eye from the side or around the edges of the safety glasses.

Dr. Hampton can perform a comprehensive eye and vision exam to accurately prescribe contact lenses or glasses. The office does not have an optical shop, but Dr. Hampton can provide contact lenses or recommendations for optical shops to purchase glasses.


We accept most major insurance. If you have any questions about your eligibility or coverage, please call our office. We are happy to help you! Please note that our practice does not take VSP or vision benefits. Dr. Hampton accepts medical insurance. Please call to inquire with any questions.

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