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Patients living in Edmond and the greater Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, area can visit the office of Dr. Diana Hampton for yearly glaucoma screenings and treatment options. The doctor offers comprehensive eye care for individuals of all ages.

Glaucoma Q&A

What causes Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is an eye condition that affects the optic nerve and alters a person's vision. It is often caused by pressure that builds up within the eye and presses on the optic nerve. Intraocular pressure can begin to build for a variety of reasons. Glaucoma is a condition that tends to be passed from one generation to another, striking more often in the elderly. As more and more pressure is placed on the optic nerve, the damage becomes more severe causing a person's vision to worsen. If not treated, the pressure will lead to significant damage and the possibility of permanent vision loss.

How is Glaucoma treated?

Eye drops are the most common treatment method. The prescription drops are designed to do two specific things. They minimize the formation of fluid in the eye or they allow the eye to release the fluid that is continually forming. Individuals who have what is known as open-angle glaucoma will benefit most from laser surgery that allows the fluid within the eye to drain. Laser surgery can also prevent fluid blockages that prevent the eye from draining. Microsurgeries are also used to help fluid drain from the eye. During this type of procedure, a small channel is created that allows the fluid to be drained away from the eye so that the pressure does not build up or cause any further damage.

Can Glaucoma affect a person's vision?

Glaucoma can permanently affect a person's vision if it is left untreated. The pressure caused by the excess fluid that builds within the eye can disrupt how the optic nerve functions. Over time, the pressure can build to the point where the nerve no longer functions the way it should. If the pressure persists, the damage to the nerve may become permanent and result in irreversible vision loss. Immediate treatment to reduce the formation of liquid within the eye will take pressure off of the optic nerve and allow it to function more efficiently. Individuals who have been diagnosed with glaucoma should see their ophthalmologists on a regular basis to maintain control over the condition and protect their vision.


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